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Tad Delay /// Future of Denial

Tad Delay /// Future of Denial

In this episode, Justin and Matt speak with Tad Delay about his newest book: "Future of Denial: The Ideologies of Climate Change".

The age of denial is over, we are told. Yet emissions continue to rise while gimmicks, graft, and green- washing distract the public from the climate violence suffered by the vulnerable. This timely, interdisciplinary contribution to the environmental humanities draws on the latest climatology, the first shoots of an energy transition, critical theory, Earth’s paleoclimate history, and trends in border violence to answer the most pressing question of our age: Why do we continue to squander the short time we have left?

Episode intro read directly from Future of Denial: The Ideologies of Climate Change

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Future of Denial podcast:


Music for this episode by Matt Baker

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