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Kester Brewin /// God-like: Machines, Myths, Monsters

Kester Brewin /// God-like: Machines, Myths, Monsters

In this episode, Matt speaks with Kester Brewin who is an author, educator, and head of communications at the Institute for the Future of Work, about his recently published book called “Godlike a 500 year history of artificial intelligence in myths, machines, monsters”.

"It's not only '100% zesty, it's also a powerful telling of humanity’s ongoing relationship with technology and a reflection on the current questions surrounding AI. It is the most compelling radical theological text I have read.” - Tripp Fuller

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Music for this episode:
Exhausted Divinity, Niky Nine
Love Always, Nu Alkemi
Void Figures, Redlum and Primal Tribes
Nomad's Theme, Matt Baker

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