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John Opsopaus /// Pythagorean Theology

John Opsopaus /// Pythagorean Theology

In this episode, Matt speaks with John "Apollonius" Opsopaus who is a magician, scholar, and computer scientist who has practiced magic, divination, and Neopaganism since the 1960s. He has more than 40 publications in various magical and Neopagan magazines and designed the Pythagorean Tarot and wrote the comprehensive Guide to the Pythagorean Tarot. He is the author of The Oracles of Apollo, and The Secret Texts of Hellenic Polytheism.

John's Website:

Read the first chapter of Pythagorean Theology:

Music for this episode:
Exhausted Divinity, Niky Nine
French Inhale, bsd.u
Flare, Frederic Robinson
Nomad's Theme, Matt Baker

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