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Wavy Circles

èn-thê-os: adj.

inspired by an internal divine power;
frenzy attributed to or characteristic of divine inspiration;
full of gods.

"Art is solving problems that cannot be formulated before they have been solved. The shaping of the question is part of the answer."


Tripp Fuller, HBC Founder, Broadcaster, Public Theologian

Matt is not just a talented creator, but is a genuine partner in bringing the vision to reality. Having worked with him on multiple projects, from graphic design to audio production, I'm always confident in recommending him to others.


Denise Castro, Sr Manager, Verizon Channel Training & Accreditation

It was a pleasure working with Matt! He is highly skilled with great vision that transformed our training and E--earning initiatives to a whole new level. Matt is also a great ensemble player: the entire team enjoyed working with him. 


Marques Johnson
Assistant Dean
Stockton University

Matt did an amazing job rebranding our Residential Services department and incorporating the redesigned elements into our marketing and web materials.  Matt listened to my thoughts and ideas and ran with it – he took exactly what I was dreaming of and brought it to fruition. Thank you, Matt, for being incredibly easy through every part of the process.


Burke Gerstenschlager, Professional Editor, Broadcaster

I had a concept and a rough sketch and Matthew immediately understood what I was going for. From font to filter, he designed an arresting, succinct logo that conveys both subject and style. I love the result and working with him was an absolute pleasure.


Elizabeth Miranda
Epic Catering

I would highly recommend Matt for any graphic design project. He was exceptionally fast - completing the entire project, including one edit, in under 24 hours. I provided a photo that needed relatively major touching up, and it was done perfectly. We also needed a banner created for our special event, and that too was creative, fun and right on target. Overall, exceeded expectations! Thanks!

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